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The Best of Ash Track 18: Arcadia – A Fans ReviewWHY I LOVE ARCADIA. Words Matt Cherng 14/10/11
A-Z Vol.2 Kerrang! Magazine Review - KKKK"melodic abrasive songwriting genius" 29/09/10
A-Z Vol.2 Q Magazine Review - 3 Stars  29/09/10
A-Z Vol.1 Compilation Review"Ash is leading the way for the digital future" 05/05/10
A-Z Vol.1 "the sound of rejuvenation""Devastatingly effective pop songs." 05/05/10
The Irish Times sing the praises of A-Z Vol.1"The trio’s gift for crafting deceptively enduring indie-pop tunes is as strong as ever, and each song bursts forth with the grab-’em-by-the-throat energy that has been at the heart of their success." 19/04/10
Drowned in Sound give A-Z Vol.1 the thumbs up!"... this compilation brazenly embraces their past, it also shows their future could be far more compelling than might reasonably expected from a band nearing the end of their second decade." 15/04/10
On the BBC: they have their say on A-Z Vol.1"The most remarkable thing about the A-Z project is that, thus far, every track really is worthy of being a single. And heaven knows, there are precious few Greatest Hits albums that can claim the same." 10/04/10