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A-Z Vol. 1 Japanese Edition

A-Z Vol. 1 Japanese Edition

Format: Compilation
Release date: 07 April 2010
Country: Japan

A-Z Vol. 1 Tracklisting:

Disc 1:

Return of White Rabbit A True Love 1980 B Joy Kicks Darkness C Arcadia D Tracers E The Dead Disciples F Pripyat G Ichiban H Space Shot I Neon J Command K Song Of Your Desire L Dionysian Urge M War With Me i. Coming Around Again ii. The Creeps iii. CTRL-ALT-DEL iv. Do you feel it? v. Kamakura vi. Disenchanted

Disc 2:

1. Lay Down Your Arms 2. Gallows Hill 3. True Love 1980 (acoustic) 4. Tracers (acoustic featuring Emmy The Great) 5. Space Shot (acoustic) 6. War With Me (acoustic) 7. Return of White Rabbit (Jaymo & Andy George Remix) 8. Return Of White Rabbit (Atomic Heart Remix) 9. True Love 1980 (Loverush UK! Vocal Remix edit) 10. True Love 1980 (Loverush UK! Dubstrumental) 11. True Love 1980 (Vince Clarke Remix) 12. Space Shot (Pete Doyle's Rocksolid Remix) 13. Space Shot (Snitch Brothers Remix) 14. Neon (Beatcave Remix)

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