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A-Z Vol.2 Q Magazine Review - 3 Stars

A-Z Vol.2 Q Magazine Review - 3 Stars

Announcing you're going to release a single every fortnight for a year - one for each letter of the alphabet - may grab column inches, but seeing it though has "we got bored around K" written all over it. Ash are men of their word, however, and the tracks on Vol 2 (A-Z Vol.1, was released in April) are typically spritely, from the rising call-to-arms of Dare to Dream (N), Binary's computer love (Q), ballads Carnal Love (V) and Change Your Name (X), and the axe hero histrionics Sky Burial (Y). The dedicated will already have the vinyl singles, but the CD package of Ash's mad year is a tidy souvenir in its own right.

Andy Fyfe

Recommended Downloads: Dare to Dream // Binary // Carnal Love


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