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New Found Glory slate ROWR in Rock Sound (2/10)

New Found Glory slate ROWR in Rock Sound (2/10)

"They used to kick Ash"

Today the Ash camp is in disarray after a savage mauling in the press by US goof-rockers New Found Glory.

NFG singer and music pundit Jordan Pundik revealed he used to be an Ash fan but, "now they've done this"...

While composer and guitarist Chad Gilbert agreed, "I was a fan of Ash" before restraining his hate speech as they were once bummed out by a Jack Black slagging.

They then jointly scored Return Of White Rabbit (available for free download here) a miserable 2/10 and booby prize of last place in Rock Sounds singles round up.

After licking our wounds we promise to return to our studio and think long and hard about our next release or daring to experiment or deviate from any generic sound or formula which might confuse or challenge. Perhaps we'll record an album of movie theme song covers in the vein of Kung Fu.



Added on 17 June 2009 by dmh