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Mark on Jack Names the Planets"The best / most ridiculous story of local spite was a rumour going round Belfast bars that it was a Masonic conspiracy that got us signed / the vinyl release" 05/03/14Chad
Tim on writing Jack Names the Planets, Oscar Wilde, Patrick the Brewer and Toilet Lights"So we tried to redo this version with the zip the track has when we play it live." 05/03/14Chad
Rick on Jack Names the Planets"If my memory serves me correctly, and why shouldn't it" 05/03/14Chad
Tour Blog & Photos Part I: Florida with Weezer!  14/11/12dmh
Kestrels - Dumb AngelI had the pleasure of playing a couple of guitar solos on a new Kestrels song Dumb Angel. 06/06/12Tim
Insects Lyrics"You can't ignore them anymore" 17/05/10jedisteve
Mind Control Lyrics 25/04/10Tim
ASH CHAOS!!!!Plus Free Trax & Record Store Day Photos 17/04/10Tim
Dare To Dream Lyrics  11/04/10Tim
Konichiwa Bitches!Some photos from Japan 10/04/10Tim
War With Me LyricsHey! 29/03/10Tim
Happy Birthday dmh!33 today 21/03/10jedisteve
Dionysian Urge LyricsBring it! 14/03/10Tim
Song Of Your Desire Lyrics  01/03/10Tim
Command LyricsP.S I Love U 14/02/10Tim
Neon Lyrics  31/01/10Tim
Space Shot lyricsDeadly venom 18/01/10Tim
Spring Tour Facebook Event PagesGo spread them like a swiner! 16/01/10dmh
Ichiban LyricsFirst single of a new decade! 04/01/10Tim
Hail Santa!A Significant Anniversary 22/12/09Tim
Pripyat lyricsLost citadel 22/12/09Tim
Tracers lyrics...finally 22/12/09Tim
The A-Z Tour, Darlington and err... Trailer.An interview with Sam Dawson. Questions submitted by the Ash Forum. 12/12/09Rick
Flying V at the Oh Yeah centre, Belfast  10/12/09Tim
Some links...  09/12/09Tim