Hey there!

We did our first day of rehearsal today and kicked 3 new songs into shape. It's quite mad starting a 6 week tour and only figuring out new songs 3 days before it starts, but they sound pretty good already. 2 of the songs had been worked out quite well when we jammed them out before recording them. But one of the new songs we've never played in a room together before. It was a studio creation style song, in fact the drums were the last thing overdubbed on the track. Which is the opposite of the way most songs are recorded.

The legendary photographer Kevin Cummins came to the rehearsal room this afternoon to do some photos of my hands for a project he's doing on guitarist's hands. He's a great guy. We spent half an hour after the shoot chatting. He actually has shot us once before, way back in 1994 in Belfast when he was over with Paul Weller. We pestered him to take our photo, telling him we were destined to be massive. He says he only took the photos to keep us quiet. He sent them to us again recently and it's funny how young we look. If you don't know his stuff you should check it out. He's got a new book out with photos of the Manchester greats he has shot over the years.

Yesterday we did a bunch of TV interviews. My personal highlight of the day was meeting Ian Wright at Studio Five, 2nd highest Arsenal goal scorer of all-time. He was a total geezer, he was saying "Gunners for life".

More rehearsing tomorrow, starting to get excited for the first show now. Tomorrow we'll get stuck into our back catalogue and see what we can dig out. It's been 4 years since we played Starcrossed so maybe it's time we did it again? We might try it tomorrow and see how it feels.

See you very soooooooooon,


Added on 17/10/2009 by Tim